About Us

We are a bunch of crazy people who are passionate about reading and that's why we've invented Zeading. It is a platform for writing, communicating, expressing and celebrating the written word.

“Mind is a beautiful thing, it wanders to distant places in a fraction of seconds and we want you to share every thought that comes across your mind. Let everyone know what you think, and give them a chance to appreciate your thoughts”

We at Zeading are trying to create the best publishing platform in the world. We want to create something that captures the very essence of writing while simultaneously making it fun. Use pen-names, have private blogs, channels, write serialized novels and let us worry about your viewership.

Writing cannot be fun if reading is not. So we've introduced Zen Mode - reading in which you can play stories like video. It works like magic.

All of us have a story to tell. So let your mind wander and start your Zeading journey today.

Read. Write. Believe.